Challenge yourself with a live escape experience in downtown Courtenay, BC. From first time escapees to seasoned vets, you're invited to come test your wits and escape from our uniquely themed rooms. Spidey-senses and teamwork required!

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  • Choose an escape room and book your adventure online

  • Arrive at our location: 877 5th Street, Courtenay (parking in the adjacent lot)

  • Get locked up with your team

  • Work together to find the clues, crack the codes, solve the puzzles

  • ESCAPE! (If you can...)

Not sure how many people will join your escape group? Not to worry! You can adjust your team as needed after booking. Just reserve your room and time, and we can sort out the rest later. 



ADVENTURERS BEWARE (Play if you dare!)

 Teams of 2-6 people, starting at $25/person + GST (price varies depending on group size)

Adventurers Beware Image.png

It looks like an old board game, so you and your friends decide to try it out. After the first roll, everything starts changing! Drums are beating in the distance… you don’t recognize your surroundings anymore… strange noises are coming from behind the walls. What is happening — have you become prey??

You were warned, but you didn’t listen! Now you must finish the game in order make it all go away.



Teams of 2-6 people, starting at $25/person + GST (price varies depending on group size)


The Circus is in town! You're excited to go with your group of friends, but it becomes apparent when you arrive that this isn't your average Sideshow. The door locks shut behind you and unless you can outwit the famous ringmaster in 60 minutes or less, you and your friends will be the next disappearing act!